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The Jones Chapel Missionary-in-Residence House served as a parsonage and later a youth and children’s ministry building for the Jones Chapel Baptist Church. The Heart of Texas Baptist Network converted the house into a place of respite and restoration for furloughing long-term missionaries returning to the United States for short periods of time.   

The house was recently remodeled by workers from participating Network churches, and in its brief history has served missionary families well as they have stayed here for as little as a month and as long as one year. 


The house is available to vocational missionaries who are returning to the United States for furlough, other short-term commitments,or due to extenuating circumstances.  It could possibly be used by Pastors and their families in times of duress and as emergency shelter.  No strict usage guidelines have been developed by the Network Coordinating Board, although preference will be given to those who are relationally connected in some way to a church participating with the Heart of Texas Baptist Network.  Those interested in utilizing the house can fill out an on-line request and then contact will be reciprocated by the Network Missionary.  After that contact and discussion, a request will then be presented to the Network Coordinating Board for final approval.  If the missionaries desire to use the house before Board approval, a provisional decision will be made by the Network Missionary to be reviewed for approval at the next Coordinating Board meeting. 


The house is located in Early, Texas on the Heart of Texas Baptist Network Mission Center property.  The house is 3 bedroom and two bath with central air and heat. The utilities are partially paid by the Heart of Texas Network with assistance from Network churches.  High speed internet is available through the Network internet service. 


The missionaries utilizing the house are expected to keep the house clean and in a presentable condition.  The time and duration of the house availability will be cleared with the Network Missionary through the administrative process.  Any damage to the house will be repaired by a reputable repairman (secured by the Network Missionary) at the expense of the missionaries.  All repairs will be cleared by the Network Missionary prior to their initiation and will be inspected at their completion by the Network Missionary.

Donations: The Jones Chapel Missionary-in-Residence House is funded through the donations of the members and participating churches of the Heart of Texas Baptist Network.  Please see “Giving to this Ministry” for simple instructions on how to give.  We appreciate your gifts to this very meaningful kingdom work.  

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