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Giving to this Ministry

The Heart of Texas Baptist Network is funded by the gifts and offerings of the people and participating churches of the Heart of Texas Baptist Network.  The General Fund is used to finance the ongoing day to day operational cost of the Network.  The Mission Fund is used to support mission endeavors both at home, in Texas, in the United States, and across the world.  This mission work is inclusive of not only evangelism but education, ministry to orphans and widows, construction, scripture distribution, social needs, student scholarship to a mission trip, and other ways the Spirit of God might lead the churches to be involved.


Giving to either of these funds is very simple -simply write the check to “Heart of Texas Baptist Network” and in the memo designate it according to your wishes by writing either “General Fund” or “Mission Fund” followed by the project you want to fund.


All giving to the Heart of Texas Baptist Network is tax-exempt as allowed by law. We are a religious non-profit under the umbrella of the state convention.


Thank you for giving to this ministry.  



General Fund

  • Staff Support
  • Office Operations
  • Missions Administration
  • Mission Center Operation

Mission Fund

  • Missionary Sending
  • Mission-in-Residence House
  • Mexico
  • Special Missions Project
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