Mission Catalyst and Equipping​

Our goal is to equip churches and church leaders to become increasingly obedient to the Great Commission.  Specifically, this takes place through:


1. Assisting churches in understanding their unique mission context

2. Providing visioning opportunities for short-term mission endeavors (short-term generally involves a three to five year commitment)

3. Training for local churches involving various aspects of mission planning, implementation, and followup (including identification, development, and assimilation of mission DNA in the local context).



1. Training and guidance for Pastor Search Committees, including the availability of printed resources and face-to-face meetings and training with Search Committees by the Network Missionary

2. Assistance with church construction solutions, long-term planning, and facility development.  This includes linking churches in need with potential work-teams (See Texas Baptist Men and Volunteer Christian Builders)

3. Assistance and Guidance on policy development, church bylaw development, and/or church legal issues.  



P.E.N. (Pastors’ Encouragement Network).  This is a time of fellowship and encouragement each Wednesday at 8:15am. This meeting is held at the Network Resource Center in Early, Texas.



Includes resources to help churches carry out their ministries.  

1. Audio/visual equipment, including projectors, with portable screen.

2. Fellowship Unit. 14' barbecue trailer with pit, fish fryers.  Please call office to reserve trailer at least two weeks in advance of your event.

3. Leadership Library. Includes theological research library and practical ministry resources.  Some of these resources can be checked out of the NRC for a brief period. Please check out all books through the Ministry Assistant.